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Falling in love…

…actually I only wanted 2 Maine Coon – two, so that one alone wouldn’t be lonely. It absolutely had to be Maine Coon. These large, imposing and very social-looking cats, which I had seen live for the first time years before at a cat show in Berlin. And so began my journey with these gentle giants…

In 2015, DC (Dark Chocolate) and Untamo – my two neutered Maine Coon males – came into my life. The whole household was turned upside down. Furniture had to go, plants were banished, a secure outdoor area was needed. The new housemates had me completely wrapped around their finger from the beginning and I lost my heart to this very special, social and so very people-oriented cat breed. I have always lived together with the velvet paws, from childhood on. Although the bond to my four-legged friends has always been very strong, the bond to the Maine Coon is a very special one, which I would never want to miss again.

I joined the Maine Coon Association Club in Switzerland, visited more and more international cat shows and got to know the environment. With DC I had the option to show a Maine Coon – and of course – I didn’t want to miss the adventure. DC enjoyed the attention, we two were a good team. In 2016 the two of us took part in the FIFe World Show in Austria and that was absolutely exciting for us. DC won BEST IN VARIETY and was also nominated for BEST IN SHOW for World Winner 2016. With time I got to know the standard of a Maine Coon more and more and I became ambitious. The thought of breeding myself one day was already on my mind – but I wasn’t in a hurry.

Also in 2016 Chiara moved in with me, Chiara by Marquis’Zaro, my first girl with breeding option. I am still incredibly grateful today for all the trust of the two people who gave me this opportunity. They became my mentors and have been with me ever since. Conny and Johnny always stood by my side and actually taught me everything. Today there is a unique and intimate friendship between us. We support each other and pursue our goals together – to breed healthy, typeful and lovely Maine Coons.

Since autumn 2019, my cats and I have been living together in a detached house directly on Lake Constance (in Romanshorn). My name is Nancy Klabunde, I am a registered and controlled breeder and, through my membership of the Katzen- und Edelkatzenclub Bern (KECB), I am a member of the Swiss Fédération Féline Helvétique (FFH) and thus also of the international umbrella organisation Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).